Sunday, July 17, 2011

You Know You're A Teacher When...

Nothing much to talk about today.  But, found these on the internet and thought that they were funny-but true.  Enjoy!

You know you're a teacher when...

1.  you declare "no skipping" when a shopper squeezes in front of you in a checkout line.

2.  you say everything twice, I mean you repeat everything and then you ask "Does everyone understand?"

3.  you can eat a full lunch in 2 minutes and 18 seconds.  Master Teachers can do it even faster.

4.  you ask if anyone needs to go to the bathroom as you enter the movies with a group of friends.

5.  you say "I like the way you did that!" to the mechanic that fixes your car.

6.  you get a secret thrill from laminating something.

7. you want to slap the next person who says, "Must be nice to work from 8 to 3 and have your summers free!"

8.  you write your name conspicuously on all personal objects, including car keys, masking tape, your books and your chair.

9.  you always, to your family's embarrassment, turn a pizza into a math lesson on fractions.

10.  you've trained yourself to go to the bathroom at two distinct times of the day:  lunch and your planning period.

Like a said, funny but true.  I'm sure all my fellow teachers can relate.

1 comment:

  1. HAHA!!! I especially like the one about 8-3 and summer's off...everybody always says that must be nice! This makes me mad...people don't realize that teachers work Overtime and don't get paid for all that overtime! :)
    You also know you're a teacher when you get super excited shopping for school supplies! {I do anyway!}