Saturday, July 16, 2011

Remembering When...

Well, today I went to a baby shower for one of my church members and everyone who attended was supposed to bring a book to start a library for the new arrival.  Great idea.  Then it made me remember when Marc-Anthony was oh so small and I would read to him everyday.  Since I was home for the summer I had lots of spare time on my hands, so most of my conversation was with Marc-Anthony.  I remember buying him flash cards and naming the pictures and showing them to him everyday.  Most of my friends thought that I was insane. They said, "Really, he doesn't understand a thing that you are doing!", and my comment was always, "Not right now he doesn't, but give him time."  Months went by and Marc-Anthony had grown to be about 7 months old and we were still doing those same flash cards and then it happened.  I showed him the picture of the shoe and he pointed to his shoe, then I showed him the picture of the clock and he pointed to the clock on the wall.  Man I was so excited...he got it.  He related what I had been doing for months to the real world.  Then around 8 months old he began to speak and there was no stopping him then.

It's so very important to read and interact with your children. You're building vocabulary skills and social skills.   Sitting them in front of the television just won't get it.

So, for little BJ (the new arrival)  thumbs up to the people in your life who thought enough of you to start a library for you.  Lots of mommy and me time!

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